Firle Beacon

Firle Beacon Hill Climb

Prepare to be thrilled…

The historic Firle Beacon hill climb and rally will be returning in 2022, offering aficionados of all things automotive the chance to experience high-octane thrills and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the South Downs National Park.

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30th & 31st July 2022

About the event

Firle Beacon is the event where heritage and a passion for performance meet

Classic Hill Climb Car

Experience the tradition of the hill climb.

Firle Beacon

The tradition of motorsport at the Firle Estate

The event is rooted in the past. Amateur racers charged up the Downs in racing contraptions from the end of the war to the late sixties. The original hill climb was set up by the Bentley Driver’s Club in 1949 and continued for nearly three decades.

Supercars at the Firle Beacon Hill Climb

Reviving an unforgettable motorsport experience

Firle Estate have developed a modern event for all motorsport enthusiasts to enjoy. Firle Beacon captures the spirit of the early races, on notoriously challenging roads, combining the latest in technology and speed.

See supercars go head-to-head with the classics.

Firle Beacon

Explore the firle beacon course

Firle Beacon Course Map

Stage 1

A public demonstration of acceleration 0-100mph (shooting brake) will operate on the Estate road in front of Firle Place totalling approximately 860m in length.

Being within the main arena both sides of this initial stage will also host the paddocks, public catering and fan zone. Vehicles completing Stage 1 and not proceeding will remain static in ‘Parc Ferme’ for public to access.

Stage 1 allows for demonstrations of combustion engine versus electric powered vehicles along with advances in engineering by displaying a host of historic vehicles.

A spectator area will be created to hold the public whilst providing unrestricted access to the vehicles and drivers taking part.


Stage 2

Starting at the base of the hill climb itself competitors will reach Stage 2 by exiting Stage 1 through the private grounds before a short stretch of public highway through Firle village.

Combining Stage 1 and 2 via the internal public road network will create a sense of theatre for the public.

Vehicles will take to the course individually before reaching the finish line at the existing Public Viewing area at the top of the hill.

Vehicles in each batch will return as a group to the assembly area and ultimately to the paddocks.


Firle Place

Firle Place is an outstanding privately owned country house in Sussex that dates from the time of Henry VIII but was substantially remodelled in the 18th Century. The house, gardens and notable collection of works of art and porcelain are of national importance and will ensure a day to remember.

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Firle Place

About Firle Place

Firle Place will provide the beautiful setting for a glamorous day out with delicious local foods and drink. The drive up to Firle Place will provide the space to get up close to these speed machines and see how fast they can accelerate. Firle Place will be the backdrop to the scene and behind it you will be able to see how competitive they are at climbing the road up to the top of the Downs.

Rally Paddock

The largest of our three classes will celebrate 70 years of worldwide rally sport, including cars that have competed in such legendary events as Monte Carlo, East African Safari, Thousand Lakes and Britain’s own RAC Rally.

Under the patronage of Henry Gage, a committee of members of the International Rally Drivers Club will choose a selection of cars from modern-day World Rally Cars, through the omnipresent Subaru & Mitsubishi years, to the early days of the ‘Flying Finns’ in Mini Cooper, Saab and Escort - with particular attention on our two home-grown World Champions: Colin McRae and Richard Burns.

The Rally Paddock will invoke the sights and ambiance of a genuine ‘rally service area’. Meanwhile the over 2-mile rally stage demonstration course, starting at the main gates, will use estate roads then exit the park via through the village and along the chalk road before ending with a fantastic climb up to Firle Beacon. Truly a race to the Beacon!

Supercar Paddock

This paddock will be set against the sweeping vista that is Firle Estate, with the very best of modern supercars displayed, including alternative power models.

Not only will these vehicles be on display, but they will also be demonstrated over a standing quarter-mile sprint course, utilising the Estate's main driveway, four times a day, on both days.

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