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Register your car club at Firle Beacon, where heritage and a passion for performance meet.

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We offer a range of exhibition spaces at the event should you require them.

Firle Beacon

Register Your Car Club

If your car club would like to attend Firle Beacon, please select the number of cars you would like to bring and the amount of admission tickets required. Club offers are based on buy one get one free using the unique discount code obtained in advance. If you’re a club please contact to obtain your unique discount code for your members. Club bookings over 20 cars will be guaranteed one place in the supercar sprint class*.
* Subject to complying with the rules of engagement.

Car club registration is for the weekend and your vehicles will be in the forward car parking. If you wish to only attend one of the days then please contact us directly at
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Rally Paddock

The largest of our three classes will celebrate 70 years of worldwide rally sport, including cars that have competed in such legendary events as Monte Carlo, East African Safari, Thousand Lakes and Britain’s own RAC Rally.

Under the patronage of Henry Gage, a committee of members of the International Rally Drivers Club will choose a selection of cars from modern-day World Rally Cars, through the omnipresent Subaru & Mitsubishi years, to the early days of the ‘Flying Finns’ in Mini Cooper, Saab and Escort - with particular attention on our two home-grown World Champions: Colin McRae and Richard Burns.

The Rally Paddock will invoke the sights and ambiance of a genuine ‘rally service area’. Meanwhile the over 2-mile rally stage demonstration course, starting at the main gates, will use estate roads then exit the park via through the village and along the chalk road before ending with a fantastic climb up to Firle Beacon. Truly a race to the Beacon!

Supercar Paddock

This paddock will be set against the sweeping vista that is Firle Estate, with the very best of modern supercars displayed, including alternative power models.

Not only will these vehicles be on display, but they will also be demonstrated over a standing quarter-mile sprint course, utilising the Estate's main driveway, four times a day, on both days.

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